Often the first exposure your potential clients have to you are the images you use online, and the type of images you use can make a huge difference to how people experience your business or brand. 


Photography is  an incredibly  powerful way of connecting and engaging with your audience, and it’s never been more important to show your clients who you are.  Everyone has an interesting story to tell, and your audience really do want to hear it.

Are you currently using images online which you don't feel represent you in the way you'd like, or aren't using them at all? 

Do you struggle to find a consistent look for your brand  across your website and social media? 

Do you want to elevate the way people experience your business or brand? 


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I'd love to hear from you. 

Why work with me? 

I have been a photographer and shoot producer for over 10 years and in that time worked with a huge variety of people on both sides of the camera. This has given me a unique understanding of the creative processes involved in establishing and promoting  a brand, from building a strong identity to content creation,  and art direction to post production. 

I will work with you to create a beautiful, contemporary and unique set of images to provide you with a  bank of  content to use across your website, social media and marketing. 

My sessions are relaxed and informal.  It's incredibly important to me that you feel relaxed and at ease, and I pride myself on making sure you do. This helps me create images that are an authentic representation of who you are when you are feeling your best. 



life coach

"Wow Beth! 


These are great, I’m DELIGHTED! I really can’t thank you enough. These photographs will make such a difference to my business, my visibility and I can already feel the difference they’ve made to my confidence and the way I see myself. 


I love the light and all the textures you used. Thank you for helping to feel more and more comfortable as the session went on, and for the generous time you spent with me and in the post-production which I know is no small job!"








Perfect for website and social media profiles, sessions last 2 hours and include:

A client questionnaire. 


A phone consultation to give clarity on what you are looking for. 


2 hour shoot in a location of your choice*.

A set of colour graded and processed images of your shoot, delivered via digital download as both print and web ready files. 

Ideal for a mix of portrait and other lifestyle imagery or where you are looking for a few specific set ups. These sessions include:  

A client questionnaire 


An  phone consultation to give clarity on what you are looking for. 


4 hour shoot in a location of your choice*

A set of colour graded and processed images of your shoot, delivered via Wetransfer as both print and web ready files.


* Studio bookings &  location fees for venues requiring this if requested would incur an additional cost. Travel within a 30 mile radius is included. 

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