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Hampi - Monkey Temple

The ancient and beautiful town of Hampi in Karnataka, India, is one of the most amazing places I think I've visited on my travels. The towering granite rock formations dominate the area, with huge boulders strewn across the landscape like they've been thrown by a giant hand.

The town itself has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site, with around 1600 archeological remains of monuments dating back as early as the 1300s, and beautiful buildings dotted through the landscape. It's an amazing place to explore, and I spent days on end taking different roads out of the city on a motorbike, exploring the ruins in the sweltering heat.

Just outside of the main town is a temple dedicated to the Hindi monkey god Hanuman (and is said to be his birthplace. The winding climb to the top of the rock formation takes around half an hour but the view from the top is truly stunning, with monkeys clambering over the rocks beside you, and the amazing sense of peace you get from looking down on the world from a height.

I'd love to go back and explore this region more. The textures, colours and the light are just amazing and I don't think I could ever get tired of photographing the people and the landscape.


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