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Fine art prints to inspire your wanderlust.

When I was 19, feeling like I needed an adventure, I booked myself a round the world ticket to a list of places I only knew half of - for a year, mostly on my own. I had no idea when I set out how much it would impact my life.


A natural introvert, at times it was really challenging and also lonely, but the lessons it taught me have become some of the most important and gave me my love of photography. Picking up a camera became the way I started to notice and view the world, to explore and get under the skin of a new place, and to find beauty in the smallest and most ordinary things.

Travelling has since become a part of my life that will never leave me, and my love of photography has grown and developed to become my work and my passion. 

This curated set of fine art prints is a tiny selection of the images i've made in all the beautiful places I have witnessed, both in my home country of England, and in countries across the globe. They span 2 decades. 

In the time that I have spent travelling i've seen enormous changes in the world, both deeply inspiring and deeply troubling.


We live in a time where everything we do matters, and so with that in mind to so my small part, I pledge to donate 10% of profits from sale of my artwork to charity. 

My charity of choice is the WORLD LAND TRUST , a truly amazing organisation that helps to protect threatened habitats and endangered species.


In buying a print you'll both be supporting an artist, and allowing this wonderful organisation to continue their work. 

Thank you 

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.”

- JR Tolkien

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