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Vietnam - Mekong Delta

On New years day a couple of years back, I hopped on a plane to spend a month travelling around Vietnam. It's a great time of year to travel, and I love spending the start of the year exploring a new culture and having an adventure.

This year has been a bit light on travel for obvious reasons, so i've spent time going back through my archives and revisiting some of the beautiful places i've had the privilege to see over the last decade. There were so many amazing places in Vietnam. The country is so large that the landscape and weather systems change drastically from one location to the next.

One of my favourite places to explore was the beautiful region of the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam. This immense system of rivers and tributaries covers an area of over 15,600 square miles, and from the vastness of the main waterways to the tiny hidden paths through the undergrowth, the majority of life is lived on the water.

Whenever I travel I spend a really large amount of my time walking with my camera. I'm fascinated by the ordinary rituals and practices of every day life.

Viewed through the eyes of an outsider, simple tasks are fascinating, and there is beauty in the smallest things.

For me shooting in this way is a meditation, and a way to understand a culture and the people. I always love looking back through these archives as I always discover something new in the images which I hadn't noticed before.


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